Activities in Cadaqués Multiple activities on the Costa Brava, Girona

Hotel Octavia offers you the possibility to do a lot of both cultural and leisure activities within easy reach. There are plenty of activities ranging from cultural visits to museums to the more adventurous ones: diving, scuba diving, walking routes, cycling, trekking, etc.


- The House Museum in Port LLigat comprises a series of fishermen’s huts which little by little Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala structured into the present labyrinthine building. It was Salvador Dalí’s only fixed abode from 1930, the place in which he normally lived and worked until 1982 when, upon Gala’s death, he took up residence at Púbol Castle.


- The Natural Park of Cap de Creus has several ecosystems that contribute to the large variety of representative species. It is home to both a terrestrial and marine area. The flora of Cape Creus is determined by a strong marine influence, the rugged relief and the wealth of rocky outcrops. Especially outstanding are the rocks associated with animals that have become mythical such as the eagle of Tudela, the lion with the big head and the rock on Culleró Island.

Diving and Scuba diving

- Costa Brava is famous for its beauty and for the marine seabed wealth. Cape Creus offers you the possibility to discover plentiful and wild underwater fauna and flora.